The First Decentralized Lending Protocol built on THORChain See more...


  • Tendermint / Cosmos SDK

    Being based on Tendermint / Cosmos SDK, Lends isn't dependent upon the limitations related to the current ways to deal with decentralized lending

  • Utility and Mechanism

    Through ThorFi's hidden utility and mechanism, Lends enables fast and seamless borrowing-and-lending with 0% interest rates and no liquidations

  • IBC - Inter-Blockchain Communication

    By leveraging IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication), Lends would be able to become the lending protocol for the whole Cosmos chain ecosystem. From THORChain to Secret network

  • Lendscapers

    Lendscapers will be at the heart of the protocol and inherently define, shape, and control its future through Governance

Value proposition


    The Mind-Bending Magic of THOR.USD

  • No liquidations

    No liquidations! Has DeFi lending's biggest headache been solved?

  • Savings Vaults

    Vaults, the 'savings account' for your PoW coins!

  • ZIRP - Zero Interest-Rate Policy

    A Zero Interest-Rate Policy (ZIRP)

  • Decentralized BTC asset exposure

    The only protocol that can offer decentralized BTC asset exposure through THOR.BTC

  • Trustless, Secure And Decentralized Lending Protocol

    Trustless, Secure And Decentralized Lending Protocol


  • Staking and Locking

    Staking & Locking to receive a portion of the Protocol's Revenue

  • Incentives

    Incentives for Lender, Borrowers and Liquidity Providers

  • On-chain governance

    Defining the future of the Lends through on-chain governance

To utilize, appreciate and appropriately balance meritocracy and democracy while maximizing the protocol's utility and the wellbeing of Lendscapers.

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